Want to live in Portugal, find out how we can support you:

We define, in the first place, the best migration strategy, for you and also for your family if you wish. High Quality Services.


Obtaining passport visas at consular representations in Portugal; Online visa scheduling outside Portugal; Customer follow-up in consular offices. Authentication / legalization of documents with consulates, embassies, chambers of commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General's Office.

Residence Permit

We advise everything that is necessary for the correct progress of your process with the Foreigners and Borders Service, from your country of origin. From obtaining documents, submitting and following up, filling out forms and most importantly, the day of the interview at SEF, we will always be by your side.


There are several forms in the law that allow, through a certain number of mandatory requirements, the possibility of applying for Portuguese nationality. Derived or by acquisition, nationality may be an option.

Administrative services

We have designed a wide range of administrative services, which will certainly make a difference in the lives of those looking for new professional challenges, in a country where people with noble feelings and serene habits are talked about. Individually or through packages prepared for the most typical cases, they will be able to enjoy a personalized service, always having as a basic principle the well-being and satisfaction of our client.

Services from "A" to "Z" for the whole Family

Each of the services we present now, goes through the screening of the specialist immigration consultant in each case and who together with you will design and advise the best strategy to solve each question that you ask us and that you want to see clarified.

Services from "A" to "Z"

  1. Opening a Bank Account

  2. Support in school selection and enrollment

  3. Documents apostilization

  4. Evaluation of residence visa in Portugal

  5. Document certification (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  6. Consularization of documents

  7. Tax advice

  8. Migration Consultancy

  9. Water, electricity, gas and internet contract

  10. Development of Migration Strategy

  11. Non-habitual resident status

  12. Consular registration

  13. Social Security registration

  14. Legalization of vehicles

  15. Obtaining a Residence Certificate

  16. Obtaining a European Health Card

  17. Obtaining TIN (Tax Identification Number)

  18. European Union resident certificate application

  19. Registration process for professional orders

  20. Faculty enrollment process (higher or master’s degree)

  21. Study equivalence processes

  22. House Search

  23. Extension of Residence Permit

  24. Visa Extension

  25. Family reunification

  26. Reception and scanning of mail

  27. Representation at condominium meetings

  28. Tax Representation in Portugal

  29. Translation services

  30. Health Services (registration)

  31. Change of driving license

  32. Gold Visa

Representative Organization Chart

Executive Pack

Especially created for those who want to work and take up residence in Portugal, this package consists of a set of services (always adjusted to your case), which will allow you to dedicate yourself to what really brought you to Portugal.

  • Legalization from the country of origin
  • Home Search; Water, electricity, gas and internet contract;
  • Health Services;
  • Driving license exchange;
  • Family reunification;
  • Support in school selection and enrollment;
  • Juridic services.

Investement Pack

Especially created for those who want to invest in Portugal, this package consists of a set of services (always adjusted to your case), which will allow you to decide clearly and without worries the way forward.

  • Tax consultancy;
  • Support for applications;
  • Fiscal representation;
  • Reception and scanning of mail;
  • Gold Visa.

Student Pack

Especially created for those who intend to study in Portugal, this package consists of a set of services (always adjusted to your case), which will allow you to enjoy a unique experience, during the course of your training process.

  • Search for accommodation;
  • Registration process for professional orders;
  • Faculty enrollment process (higher education or master´s degree);
  • Study equivalence processes;
  • Health Services.

Premium Pack

Specially created for those residing outside Portugal, this package consists of a set of services (always adjusted to your case), which will allow you to deal with various matters, without having to travel.

  • Tax declaration in Portugal;
  • Tax representation in Portugal;
  • Mail management in Portugal;
  • Insurance management in Portugal;
  • Financial and equity analysis;
  • Tax planning and optimization;
  • Property management in Portugal.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards aim to develop partnerships with companies that work as cashback (wins the partner and wins our customer).


The proposal is to develop four distinct cards, which give access to the packs previously described, with the following proposal:


  • Executive Card
  • Investement Card
  • Student Card
  • Premium Card


Each card is assigned to a customer according to his profile, who through a reduced monthly fee has access to discounts on our services, as well as added value offers, benefiting all of our partners who are connected to our “wallet”, they also have a discount to be agreed with our partner. The intention of Ipsis Verbis, is not to control the prices charged by our partners, it is just that the customer knows that he was referred by our company and will have a “discount” and that he will be served as if it were by us.