Obtaining passport visas at consular representations in Portugal; Online visa scheduling outside Portugal; Customer follow-up in consular offices.

Residence Permit

We advise everything that is necessary for the correct progress of your process with the Foreigners and Borders Service, from your country of origin.


There are several forms in the law that allow, through a certain number of mandatory requirements, the possibility of applying for Portuguese nationality. Derived or by acquisition, nationality may be an option.

Administrative services

We have designed a wide range of administrative services, which will certainly make a difference in the lives of those looking for new professional challenges, in a country where people with noble feelings and serene habits are talked about.

Services from "A" to "Z" for the whole Family

Each of the services we present now, goes through the screening of the specialist immigration consultant in each case and who together with you will design and advise the best strategy to solve each question that you ask us and that you want to see clarified.

Why choose Ipsis Verbis?

With a high rate of success and satisfaction from our customers, we can say that we excel in professionalism, speed in execution and empathy in the relationship with the customer.

Why travel to Portugal?

Country by the sea planted, bathed by splendid beaches along its coastline, which are in harmony with a mild and extremely appealing climate. Considered one of the safest countries in the world to live in, it is also characterized by typical Mediterranean cuisine and the warmth and kindness of its people. On the other hand, the low cost of living together with the political stability that is experienced, are factors that bring up a good quality of life, which makes the arrival in Portugal an opportunity to enter the Schengen Area.

Articles & News

What they say about Ipsis Verbis

familia tavares

I chose this company to take care of my family's affairs because it has quality, efficiency and speed in handling paperwork and any service inside or outside the other institutions for our installation within the country and abroad. Thanks!

Tavares Family
familia juliana

Trust is such a special thing to be cultivated, we have total confidence and security throughout our history with Dr. Cristina and her team! Not only us, but all friends and family who knew her. Respect, trust and friendship ... Great service and humanity. Dr. Cristina and team, our thanks and trust always!

Juliana and Gabriel
familia josue

Our experience with the advice of Dr. Cristina was great, she helped us a lot in realizing our dream, because it was getting even more difficult with the pandemic. So we can only thank her and her team for everything they did and do for us. Thank you Dr. Cristina and her team

Marina and Josué
familia manuel carvalho

I am here to thank Doctor and her team for everything they have done. Today I am an immigrant thanks to the work with all sincerity and love, I already have my family here I feel a happy man. Thanks to the team that works with love and sincerity.

Carvalho Family