SEF signals three victims of human trafficking in Covilhã

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The Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) identified three victims of trafficking in human beings as part of an investigation, under the coordination of the Public Ministry, carried out in the Covilhã area.

In the course of this investigation, the SEF carried out an operation, last week, which led to the constitution as a defendant of a national citizen, as well as the company he owns, for allegedly exploiting foreign workers, mainly from the peninsula indostanic, in an irregular situation in national territory, and for allegedly not paying them the remuneration due for the work performed and, in some cases, as confirmed in the course of the action, demanding monetary amounts as a prerequisite for establishing an employment relationship.

Searches were made to the defendant’s vehicles and residence in the Almada area and to housing in the vicinity of Covilhã, where workers were placed without minimum living conditions and where six foreign citizens were identified.

At the defendant’s residence, various documentation related to the alleged illegal activity was learned, as well as computer and communications material.

The defendant was subject to the coercion measure of the Identity and Residence Term.

The SEF investigation began in October and counted on the collaboration of a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting victims of crime and human trafficking.

Two dozen SEF operatives were involved in the operation.

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