Automatic renewal of residence permits extended to higher education students

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The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) made available, this week, a new feature on the SEF Portal ( for online renewal of the residence permit to foreign students, nationals of third countries, attending Higher Education in Portugal.

About 22 000 foreign students of Higher Education are covered by this new functionality, whose residence permit meets the necessary conditions to be digitally renewed.

In a simple way, in the “Personal Area” of the SEF Portal, students from Universities and Polytechnics will now be able to access the “Automatic Renewal” feature of their Residence title.

In this way, the citizen will not even need to go to a service desk, just by confirming the request for renewal on the SEF Portal. Subsequently, the Service will carry out all security consultations to confirm the suitability of the applicant, as well as consultations with the necessary databases to verify compliance with the necessary requirements. Once the fees have been paid, the citizen will receive the Residence Permit at his address.

The SEF thus complies with the provisions of Dispatch No. 10944/2020, of 8 November, which provided for the adoption of internal procedures necessary to extend the automatic renewal of residence permits provided for in articles 91 of the Foreigners Law in force .

It should be remembered that, in July this year, SEF launched this new functionality for the automatic renewal of the residence permit for citizens who exercise a professional activity and, to date, 66,000 Residence Permits have been renewed through this new tool.

It is reiterated that, according to the provisions of Decree-Law No. 87-A / 2020, of October 15, the visas and documents related to the stay of foreign citizens in national territory that expired on February 24, 2020 are accepted, in the same terms, until March 31, 2021.

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